Falling Poems


A Journey around the world

Welcome to Falling Poems


Falling Poems was originally meant to be a standard Haiku Anthology, but it grew into a multi-cultured book featuring great poets from around the world. Poland, Malta, Croatia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Canada and Austria are some of the countries featured in this book, with all their languages introduced into their Haiku. Every poet’s haiku is translated in their mother tongue (home/native/first language). We have a fun and varied content theme, which will cater to everyone’s reading satisfaction.

Chapter Outline

Haiku and Senryu
1. nature
2. space
3. about love
4. international
5. about language
6. shitty
7. depressive
8. dark
9. about Japanese poems
Children’s chapter
Corona virus haiku

Latest from the Blog

World Poetry day

my soul’s breath I want to be here where my soul can breath I want to be near the place beneath the sun. I wish i could run far away to a place i could stay where my love is. I wish that love could call far from it all and i would run underContinue reading “World Poetry day”

Open Call for submission: a Heritage Exhibition!

To celebrate World Heritage Day(18th) & World Haiku day(17th), which are both in April, HeriTrav is working with Falling Poems to celebrate this wonderful day with an exhibition. Where we are from, Wellington, South Africa, we have a town filled with Historic buildings and heritage sites and areas. Heritage travel creates awareness of Heritage andContinue reading “Open Call for submission: a Heritage Exhibition!”

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